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Seneca Acceptable Use Policy

Information Technology
Acceptable Use Policy and Protocol

"It is the Policy of Seneca College that all members of the Seneca Community are responsible for obeying Provincial and Federal Laws/Regulations and College Policy concerning the use of information technology services, facilities and equipment."

A few of examples of Policy violations:

  • Using Seneca email and Internet privileges to hack into other computers and/or networks.
  • Using someone else’s Seneca email account for any reason or granting someone else access to your Seneca email account.
  • Using Seneca email to send obscene, derogatory, harassing or abusive messages.
  • Using Seneca Internet facilities to view pornographic and/or offensive materials unless it can be proven that such activity is sanctioned under academic requirements.
  • Using Seneca Internet facilities to make available copyrighted material for downloading.