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Seneca Acceptable Use Policy

Information Technology: Acceptable Use Policy and Protocol

"It is the Policy of Seneca College that all members of the Seneca Community are responsible for obeying Provincial and Federal Laws/Regulations and College Policy concerning the use of information technology services, facilities and equipment."

A few of examples of Policy violations:

  • Using Seneca email and Internet privileges to hack into other computers and/or networks.
  • Using someone else’s Seneca email account for any reason or granting someone else access to your Seneca email account.
  • Using Seneca email to send obscene, derogatory, harassing or abusive messages.
  • Using Seneca Internet facilities to view pornographic and/or offensive materials unless it can be proven that such activity is sanctioned under academic requirements.
  • Using Seneca Internet facilities to make available copyrighted material for downloading.